IMG_9574Hi, I’m Mike Williams. I have been a sales pro for all of my adult life. I have had a desire to write for a few years now. No time like the present to stop procrastinating and do something about it.

My goal is to provide content that is insightful, inspirational, and encouraging to others that have chosen this walk of life. I plan to write from my personal perspective, and also point others to some great content that I found very helpful.

Whatever you do or want to do, you have to be able to sell.

The first thing you have to do is stop thinking of selling as that icky, pushy, wear a plaid suit type of stuff. That is not selling. That is manipulating!

Selling is serving. Serving is providing value, or ideas, that people want and need. I hope to help anyone who does not think they can sell get better at selling their dreams, self, art, ideas. To serve others, they have to know you are there and what you have to offer.

My Biography

I enrolled in the marketing education class back in my junior year of high school. I have to admit that my goal was to get out of school early. I didn’t know that I was about to have my eyes opened to the world a selling. Turns out that I had a knack for it. My teacher encourage me to enter the DECA sales contests my senior year. I kept winning/moving up to the next level, all the way to the state competition.

I was in college when I began my first “real” sales job. Selling Cutco knives, a direct marketing company where you call all your family, friends and aquaintanances, and try to get them to buy crazy expensive cutlery for there kitchens.. I have since sold in many industries. I sold cars and had a great experience in the Sewell Automotive organization. I moved to the copier industry after the car business. Then the dry-cleaning industy. I spent 7 years in the motorcycle industry selling and as sales manager at BMW Motorcycles Dallas. A high end motorcycle dealer carrying BMW, Ducati, Triumph, and MV Agusta motorcycles. I learned some great sales lessons here and met some great people.

In 2006, I accepted a position as a material handeling territory manager at Equipment Depot. The focus being calling on industrial accounts to represent our lines of forklifts and warehouse solutions. In 2010, I accepted the contractor service territory manager position, where I currently enjoy helping my clients with their aerial construction equipment needs.

I have been married to my wife Becca for 19 years. We have two awesome boys, Jacob and Ben. We live in a small town north of Dallas, TX. I love to play golf, mountainbike, and I play guitar in a band called Fought and 1.