What I Learned From A Mauritian, A Retail Clerk, And A Waiter

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I was blessed with an opportunity to help my new Friend Ravin Thursday. We met last week at a workshop by the King of Sales Jeffrey Gitomer. He told me at dinner that he would be in Dallas for a seminar the next weekend, so I asked him to call me and we would have dinner while he was there.

Ravin Apple Store

I am happy he took me up on the offer. He emailed me to ask about transportation from DFW to his hotel. I took that as the opportunity to pick him and visit on the ride to the hotel. He also asked if there was an Apple store near his hotel because his logic board failed and he needed to get his Macbook repaired. The Apple store in Charlotte told him they needed it 5 days, and of course he was leaving the next day.

We got to the Apple Store at the mall across the highway from his hotel. Typical great service from the start, but we heard the same story. We asked Justin, the rep helping us, if there was anything he could do. The look on his face said no. But, this is where Justin separated himself from most retail reps, even at Apple. He said, “I can’t make any promises, and I will probably hear no, because I have no control over the process. But, let me make a few calls and I see what we can do.”

He came back 5 minutes later with very good news. Turns out that Apple recognized they had a problem with the 2011 Macbook 15 logic boards and Apple would replace it for free. To make it even better, the Apple store at a mall 5 minutes away had the part in stock, and could have it ready by Sunday. Considering the time of day, and how busy the store was, I offered to run Ravin over there instead of the associates of this store trying to get it there for us.

Justin could have easily told us he couldn’t help, and let us take our chances on the Macbook coming back before Ravin had to go back to Mauritius. But, he invested 5 minutes to make sure that he had done all that he could. Justin is going to go far in life because he demonstrates that he cares about helping others and not just hi personal gain.

I took Ravin out for his first TexMex dinner after we dropped off the Macbook. Our waiter time was great. He demonstrated that he cares about relationships more than tips. He asked engaging questions and showed true interest in us. He invested time in getting to know us, and we did the same with him.

And that is the lesson from this cool evening. Relationships and serving others is the only way through life. Ravin demonstrated that too me in how he easy he gets along with everyone he meets. He show that he cares. Justin and Tom demonstrated that too. Even in busy situation that are typically stressful, they were both relaxed and easy going and happy. They didn’t let the situation effect their attitude.

I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Focus on serving others, and building relationships, and you will have less stress and more joy in your lives.