Either, Or? Why Not Both?

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I recently had one of my better days. I love getting out and meeting people. Actually most of my calls that day were cold calls. Rocking it old school, sort of. I love the cold call, the unexpected, it is thrilling and exciting to me.

I also think it can sometime say more to a potential client. It says that I am willing to go the extra distance. I am willing to take some risk for you. I care enough to go to extra effort. Some may feel the cold call is dead.

I know that social media does help. I believe it is not a choice of either or, it is both and all. Cold calls, social media, and networking. Am I honest and looking to serve? Am I genuine and honest? Do I really care? That what is important. That is what gets noticed. That is how relationships start.

I wish I had 100% close rate. I will to try 100% for every opportunity. I have to be rational and know that 100% perfection does not exist, but that should not stop e from tying. We have to read the situation and truly manage the territory. That does not mean constantly call every single possibility for business. It means find the real opportunities and put the work in. Research the “cold call” before it is made. Know what it is that you can do better, why that is important, how that serves the client better. And remember, “no” is not always permanent.  Never Give up!

I also had an intriguing lunch date that day. I met a friend and former client from my retail days. He is a retired now, but was the EVP of Sales for a very large international company. I consider him a friend, mentor and confidant. He mentioned that he has gone back to work, helping a friend that has started a new business. The friend came to him because he knew he needed sales help. And my friend told me he accepted the challenge because he loves making cold calls. He loves building the relationships. He wanted back in the “game.” This guy is 20 years my senior, and he looked at me and said “Mike, make sure you are using all the tools available, including social media.” Then he shared some very helpful ideas on how to work social media into my knew sales position.

My point of the last paragraph is: You are never too old or too young to learn new ways, unless you choose to believe that you can’t learn anything new! We will never know what will work for us unless we try it.