Saying Yes!

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Close the book on Evil, God,
but publish your mandate for us.
You get us ready for life:
you probe for our soft spots,
you knock off our rough edges.
And I’m feeling so fit, so safe:
made right, kept right.
God in solemn honor does things right,
but his nerves are sandpapered raw. Psalm 7:9-11
See that man shoveling day after day,
digging, then concealing, his man-trap
down that lonely stretch of road? Psalm 7:15
I’m thanking God, who makes things right.
I’m singing the fame of heaven-high God. Psalm 7:17 The Message

I am Thanking God for His word and truth. As I read this Psalm, I think of me and how dishonest I can be with me. That would be verse 15, shoveling, digging, concealing my own lies that I tell me. The truth is that God has closed the book on evil, he has given us the way to His righteousness. Today is Easter Sunday, the day we celebrates the ultimate victory over sin.

The Gift is free. All we have to do is say yes to Jesus. He has already done the work.

I didn’t understand completely what saying yes meant when I first said yes. In Matthew 4:19, Jesus calls us to follow Him, and that He will make us fishers of men. Saying yes means I surrender me to You Jesus. Saying yes means I will do as you do, I will do what you teach. In verses 9-11 in Psalm 7, saying yes means that I will let you Probe my soft spots, change me for Your Glory. Saying yes means I will be content in Your Love, Your Blessings God, and accept me for who you made me to be, free of guilt and shame and the need to feel accepted by others. Saying yes means I will allow Jesus to change and mold me for His Mission.

So, on this Easter Sunday, I am thanking God, who made things right. I will sing of His fame, the Heaven High God.

Happy Easter!