Learning To Fly

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This week, I will start a new chapter in my life. I fly to Mission Viejo, CA to begin training for my position as the south Central Regional Sales Director with PropertyRoom.com . That is a huge step for me, since I used to be afraid to fly, and this new position requires travel.

I realized, or I should say God showed me, that flying is no different than anything else I could fear, I just have to face the fear by doing it. But, the truth is that once we are reconciled to God, we should no longer fear death. So, why would we fear something like flying?

The weird thing is that I loved to fly when I was younger. I worked for a courier service when I was going to college. We flew cancelled checks all over the country, and I would jump on these small planes to ride along just for the fun of flying. It was cool to tell my friends that I went to Chicago or Atlanta last night.

The fear was born in my mind in a totally irrational way. It happen when I was in my mid 20s from choppy and turbulent commercial flight. What is weirder is that during that flight, I realized that God does exist and I could know Him personally. For some reason, it took me another 10 years to surrender to Him and start living in His love and grace. I am now realizing, I mean right now as I write this, that the fear probably came from that moment of knowing God is with us and not doing what He called me to at that time. I transmuted my fear of surrender and following Jesus to a fear of flying. A fear that only went away when I did surrender to and trust God.

So what did I do with this revelation? I fell back into worry! Really? I began worrying about what my current employer is going to and say when I resign. I began worrying about what my current customers are going to do and say when I tell them I am leaving. I began worrying about the fact I have to buy a car (I will miss having a company truck). All of these worries are worthless meditations, a waste of time. Thankfully my wife was there to remind me of whom I need to trust. See, how easy I fall back into this stuff. That’s why I have to stay in the word and pray frequently. Those fears were as empty as most fears.

Every step we take forward into the uncertain and unknown is an exercise in faith. Like anything, we exercise, we will grow stronger in our faith when we use it. I am confident that God has led me to this new chapter in life. Most people have been surprised by my answer to one of the questions that I have been asked this past week, “Are you nervous about starting your new position?” My answer is “No, I’m not. I am excited about next week.” My answer is the truth because I have faith that God has led me there. Now, if they would ask me if I have fear, the answer is yes, but I am not nervous because I trust that I will have the courage to face the fear.

So, as we face each fear and stand up to the challenge, that fear falls by the way side. Just like sells, it is a never ending process though. As we conquer an old fear, we have to be ready for a new fear that has to be faced so that we can grow. I used to hate to make cold calls. I figured out I didn’t like making them because I feared being thrown out. Then I realized the worst that could happen is I would hear no or I would be asked to leave. No big deal. Now I look forward to cold calls. It’s an adrenaline rush, not sure what will happen. Will I make a new contact? Will they not talk to me? Will they throw me out (doesn’t happen much, but good for funny war stories)? What used to be a dreaded chore, is now a joy.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

  • Craig44

    Nice post…you make great points..facing our fears is a huge part of following God..love the title too!…May God continue to bless you in this new territory.

    • Thank you. Fear is an ongoing battle. I am struggling again out here in CA this week, all this change and close support from family. But, I just read Proverbs 29, and verse 25 hits home.