Content In My Struggles

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I really seem to be struggling right now with my writing. I’m going to ramble a little more today, like in this post. I am still learning to take that post to heart. I think part of the struggle is I am still trying to write what I think people want to hear instead of what I know I need to write. I hope that is because I want to serve and help people and not because I want to be popular.

I am also struggling because I have events, stuff, whatever you want to call it, going on that I can’t write about just yet. Plus, as is typical the last 2 weeks of the year, it is a struggle to do my job. Many of the people I want to meet with keep saying we will meet next week, yet they are in the office, and probably not that busy. Now, would be a great time to meet. And, it is challenging to serve the customers that are working when the majority of our support staff is on vacation.

I’m still trying to find my voice in my writing. I pray and think about it quite a bit. My plan was to provide business and sales insights from the perspective of a follower of Christ. Not sure that is where God is leading me though. I seem to lean more to the spiritual side in my inspiration of what I want to write, and less to the business side. Just one of those things that I have to work out. Unfortunately, anyone reading this has to go along for the ride too.

I really do love to write. I am studying and reading up to get better at writing. I write every day, both as a personal journal and a spiritual journal on my daily scripture reading. I do need to take my own advice, break some rules, try some new things, and not fear mistakes.

This is what I do know about struggles. When I/we fight through to figure it out, and endure the struggle, we grow stronger and smarter. It prepares us for the next set of challenges and struggles. Plus, if its not a struggle at times, I’m probably on the wrong track. I am learning to be content in the struggle too, knowing that all good things come from God in His time on His schedule, not mine. Learning to live expectantly and with patience instead of living anxiously about the next struggle.

I am going to embrace the struggles. View them as a blessing instead of a frustration.

What about you?

  • Craig44

    Enjoyed the post. The part about struggling with whether to write what you think people want to read or what you know you should write resonated with me. I think you write from the heart, ” what’s inside” or rather what filters down inside from the muse. Let the chips fall where they will. We “do our work”..nothing more nothing less. We’re not guaranteed the fruit from it..think that was Krishna.

    • Craig, thank you. Yes, we need to just “do our work” that we have been given to do. Why is that so hard sometimes.

      • Craig44

        I think because it’s so easy to deceive ourselves and rationalize doing other “work” other than what we are called to do by God…..I know that’s true for me. I also think as humans we crave validation for our work. When really all we should worry about pleasing is God, who gave us the gift in the first place to use for his Glory…

        • Craig44

          And doing that I would be wrong about my other post…because we will see the “fruits” of our work because God will reward us…just maybe not materially or in this world…but it should be reward enough doing the work we’re called to…but it’s tempting and hard at times not to.

  • Mike, I read this on my phone this morning, but couldn’t comment because my fingers were too fat. When I got to my laptop, I wrote this article for you.

  • I do not normally comment on blog articles (although after reading Rick’s blog post, I will have to reconsider that : ). It’s mainly due to whether it resonates with me or maybe in all honesty, whether I feel I have something worthwhile to share. That said, here I am commenting again on your blog Mike. I think it’s because you are real and in your writing the reader can tell you genuinely want to help others grow through your experiences and knowledge. I want to encourage you to KEEP WRITING! You obviously are being led to share and like you said, it’s a matter of finding your writing voice. LOVE the fact that you share your faith in God in your writing. Sharing this post has been an encouragement to me as I have been in a period struggling and learning to trust that God is in control and will lead me in the right direction that helps me grow. Look at the good that came from your post, you inspired Rick to write great post too ; )

    • Thank you for the kind words and the encouragement to keep up the writing. I think most of us struggle with trusting that God is in control, even though we have witnessed his miracles and provision on a regular basis. The truth is that the blessings He has for us are far better than the things we want to settle for. A truth that I struggle to wrap my brain around. And Rick’s “Seven Deadly Sins” them for that post was great.