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I have been trying to get my blog post written this week. In fact I have written 3 posts (4 now counting this one). I don’t feel they are ready yet. I keep tweaking and then hating them.

I write because I enjoy it and love the creative release it brings. I feel that my public writing needs to serve more than just me though. I hope I can provide insight, or even just a different perspective that is helpful. I mean it’s my blog and I can write what I want, but why put it out in the public if no one wants to read it.

I have suppressed the urge or call to write for a long time now. So, when I felt I could not put it off anymore, I did some research on blogging. I read a few books and blogs of those successful at this.

I want to play by the rules, the stuff the experts say you have to do to be successful. I value their opinions, and the proof is in their success. You know, stuff like use lists or bullet points, always post on the same schedule, spend time on the headline, stick a theme, don’t be to personal. All good and useful information. All helpful, and generous guidance.

But, what works for me is not what works for you. I have to me, and you have to be you. That’s what so cool about creating, it’s from you, unique, not a formula. I do think we need to take the advice of those that do this well. I do think there are best practices. I’m not against formulas, I have to have my own formula. I’m still working on it, learning what works for me. I will try the advice, experiment, find what works. I won’t even get started on how lame my twitter activity has been.

I plan to keep posting just once a week. I just don’t know what day that is yet. It’s been Wednesday, but Wednesday feels wrong, still searching. I realized a schedule is important when I got a message yesterday asking where this weeks post is. That actually felt awesome and encouraging.

This Picasso quote that Jon Acuff posted on his blog is awesome. I will break more blogging rules for sure. I love breaking rules in creativity. I do it all the time with music. It is art, not science, so why are we following rules anyway.

So what if we crash and burn, shake it off and try something else. Most won’t even notice that you did crash and burn. Most don’t even know you broke the rules.

How can I learn what works if I don’t try it. Fear keeps me from trying so many things, until I ignore the fear that is, and just do it. I want to experiment with different themes, and learn how to do more with WordPress, so I will be crashing and burning a few times. Just stings a little more in public.

Thank you to those that have commented both public and privately, I really value the encouragement and advice and guidance. I plan to keep doing this, I’m pretty stubborn. Hopefully learning and growing, and helping along the way.

  • Mike, I don’t check my Feedly every day, but I did today. There were 291 articles in “My Top Priority”, 996 articles in “News” and 489 in “When I Have Time”. I disqualify by reading the headlines. If that doesn’t sound boring or vanilla, I start reading. If the article is short enough or engaging enough, I read it all and if I’m moved, I comment. Welcome to the club of bloggers that were conflicted between doing what bloggers expect them to do and doing what they’re followers expect them to do.