Uncomfortable? Good!

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Get out of your comfort zone?

I feel that it is the best way we can grow and change for the better. To get better. It’s a great way to learn, because the lesson takes.

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I have spent many years in my comfort zone. Not much happens there. Sure, the comfort zone feels safe. Do what I have always done. The problem is that life becomes stale. And, I became stale. Who wants to hang out with boring stale people.

Now fear, fear loves you in the comfort zone. Fear says stay safe, don’t risk rejection or ridicule. Fear tells you that you will lose outside of the comfort zone. Thing is, fear is a liar. Fear rarely tells the truth.

I took some golf lessons last year. I’m a beginner. Just taking a lesson is getting out of the comfort zone for me actually (I’m not very good at asking for needed help). But, as the lessons progressed, Travis (my teacher) would teach me a new element of the swing. Usually correcting a problem. Then as I worked on the new element, he would ask if it felt good, or comfortable. My answer was always no, and his reply was always “good we are making progress.”

Starting this blog is a huge leap out of my comfort zone. And, right now, it feels odd. GOOD! I hope that means I’m making progress. I have had the urge to be more creative, to write, to help others. I hope that helping others is where this is going. I don’t even know how to set up this web page. Fear tells me ” Don’t change this, don’t try that, you are gonna screw it up!” The truth is – we can’t really learn how do anything unless we jump in and try to figure it out. The truth is that the worst that can happen is we fail, and learn from the mistake, and move on to make another mistake to learn from. Or even better, learn from other’s mistakes.

Going on a mission trip is an amazing way to get out of your comfort zone. Probably one of the most rewarding ways too. I learned so much by going to serve and help others. I have to admit I was terrified with all kinds of wrong expectations when we set out on the trip. I didn’t want it to end once we were there. Read about it in my wife Becca’s blog.

I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone this week. Try something new. Do something different. Call on a new customer. Help a total stranger for no reason. Read a book. Call an old friend. Just do something that makes you uncomfortable, in a good way.

What have you done to get out side the comfort zone? Or, what do you want to, or need to, do to get out of the comfort zone?