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Welcome to my blog and first my post. My goal is to provide content that is helpful and entertaining. I will mostly focus on sales and leadership. But, leadership is more than just business to me. I’m a Christ follower, a husband, a parent, and I play guitar in rock bands, so I might approach leadership from a different point of view.

I will probably stray off the course from time to time, depending on what is going in life in general. So, be forewarned that I might post about music, parenting, art, motorsports, or general silliness. Even then, I will try to tie the posts back to the main focus of sales and leadership.

I hope to get better at writing as this goes on. Might be brutal to read at first. I do encourage criticism and correction, but be kind, I’m new to this. I this blog will become more of a conversation than a monologue. I’m open to ideas or direction too. My initial plan is to post at least once per week. I plan to most more frequently as I get my feet under me.

No matter what you do or what your title is, we all need to know how to sell. The problem is most of us think of selling as getting people to do things they don’t want to. Or, manipulating others, pushing things on people. That is unfortunate. I approach selling as helping others get what they want. As serving my fellow man. I have endured a lot of sales training that teaches the former, but my life changed when I discovered the latter.

In mid 2010 I had moved to a new position and division in my company. My sales plummeted. I blamed the economy, and the fact that I had to start over even though I was at the same company. I started to hate my job felt I need to find a “better” job. Then I read one suggestion in Jeffery Gitomers weekly e-zine. I’m paraphrasing, but he basically said that if you plan to quit your job, go out on top as the best. So, I decided that’s what I will do. In late 2010 I made the conscience decision to stop worrying about making money, and to focus on providing excellent service. To find new ways to be of value to my customers. And, to always put the best interests of my customers first.  All easier said than done.

When I looked up at the end of 2011 my income had doubled. And my wife got to quit a job that truly was bad, and become a stay at home mom. My income almost doubled again in 2012, along with a nice piece of hardware for my office wall – the 2012 Salesman of the year plaque. One change in my attitude and perspective changed a job I hated to a job I loved. Granted, that one change required a lot of work.

My hope is to provide encouragement and ideas to help others. God has blessed me greatly. His blessing are meant to be shared and not hoarded to ourselves. And, this is one of the ways I can share the blessings.